Rally Classes at Albany Obedience Club


Scent Work

At this time, access to AOC for training is open for Member with precautions.  Please review our Phase 5 Re-Opening Plan (effective 4/14/2021).  

  • Indoor training may consist of Obedience, Rally, Agility, Scentwork or any other training (effective September 8)

  • Ring Gates are to be taken down after training as the building is now being used by all sports/activities.

  • If signing up for group training, ONE person can sign up for Entire group however you must include ALL NAMES and it is each Person's Responsibility to make sure they are on the Calendar.
  • NOTE: the septic area has been coned off. Do not drive on this area or move the cones. This is critical to the function of our septic system!!


As further guidelines become available and we can ensure everyone's safety, other area's will be opened. 


To ensure that we are complying with social distancing recommendations, space must be reserved (NO less than 24 hours prior to time requested) and confirmed before coming to train.