Albany Obedience Club (AOC) was established in 1955 as a dog obedience training facility.  The club currently has more than 175 members and offers classes to both purebred and mixed breed dogs in obedience, agility, rally, nose work and other canine sports and activities. Whether you are interested in a well-behaved family pet or an American Kennel Club performance champion, AOC offers training through a series of classes with member volunteer instructors who have demonstrated their proficiency in the area, and a new series of seminars and mini workshops every session.  


Whatever your preferred method of training, there is likely an AOC volunteer who will be happy to work with you and provide you the opportunity to increase your skills and enhance your relationship with your dog.  We offer classes from puppy foundations to Masters level as well as fun classes that will allow you to explore new activities with your dog.  Classes are open to nonmembers on a space available basis.


AOC is a New York State registered 501(c) educational corporation (not-for-profit) and is dedicated:


1.To promote the advancement of all dogs and to protect the welfare of all dogs. 


2. To protect and advance the interests of dog training by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at all events. 


3. To foster and encourage responsible dog ownership. 


4. To hold and support performance events under the rules of the American Kennel Club and other recognized Dog Clubs, Organizations and Associations at such places as may be so authorized. 


5. To provide Community Service through education and outreach.



Club membership provides the benefits of meetings, training, seminars and events and the chance to develop friendships with others interested in dogs.