The Next agility run-thrus of '22 will be held on:


Saturday, February 19, with the course walk at 9 am followed by a briefing and first dog at 9:15 am.

Runs will be small dogs to tall dogs. Contacts will be A-Frame and Teeter. 

Registration will be electronic only. No day of event registrations will be taken. Registration is open now and runs through Wednesday February 16th at 5pm.
To Register:

PLEASE bring your payment of $5 per dog, or a check or coupon for self-serve check-in on the 19th. 



If you would like to work for volunteer point(s), please Wendy Carey at

She will need to know: 
*whether you'd like to be a dedicated worker or build the course, break down the course and/or work during the runs.
*jump height(s).

Dedicated volunteers and course builders should be ready to build by 8:30 am

Our current rules are:
No food will be served. 
There will be one session for everyone.
At this time, we are not open to non-members. (Conditional and regular members only).
A mask must be worn properly at all times when you are indoors. Due to the NYS mandate, masks must be worn even when running.  


To Register:


Next Run Thrus:

March 12, 2022



Who may participate?  Dogs that are competing or have competed in any agility venue, or dogs who are 12 months or older. All dogs must be capable of sequencing 12-15 obstacles while staying with their handler. All dogs must be able to perform any obstacle used (whether it was the dog's choice or the handler's choice), at full height, SAFELY. 

Dogs who are noticeably unsound may NOT participate. Per AOC policy, aggressive dogs and bitches in season may NOT participate. The committee reserves the right to excuse any dog that does not meet these criteria.

Handlers who are training their first agility dog or are unclear about these rules are encouraged to talk to their AOC agility instructor or a committee member for guidance in assessing their dog’s ability.

Event start time is variable. Run order and the contact equipment used is also variable. 


REFER TO THE CLUB CALENDAR and/or the YAHOO LIST for pertinent details regarding each event.

Flat buckle collars without tags ONLY

Training aids encouraged (targets, food tubes, jackpot toys, etc.)

Cost for members is $5 per dog – cash or check (no coupons) There will be self-registration.  Bring your own pen to check in.  Bring exact change or a check (no coupons).  Use the cash box / envelope system that is in place for building use.  Check your name off the list that will be near the cash box. 



There will be NO day of event entries, NO hospitality
Two nested courses – one easier, one harder – two minutes of floor time per run (use your time as you wish!)


Crating out of your Car is encouraged.  Crating will be available in the kitchen only and everyone MUST maintain 6’ social distance. 


Do NOT attend if you are experiencing ANY unhealthy symptoms whatsoever.  If you are experiencing any symptoms OR have had a change in your schedule, PLEASE contact the coordinator so your spot can be offered to someone else.

FULL height equipment (5’6” frame, 5’ frame for 4” and 8” dogs – 12 poles (no aids). 

Jump heights offered: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.  You may run your dog at ANY height you choose.



Joan Curcio:

Chris Beck:

Cathy Keenan:

Vanessa Manzi:

Wendy Carey: 

Holly Trexler: