Fifteen (15) Applications for conditional membership will be accepted between October 30 & November 13, 2017.  Please fill out the application form and mail to our Membership Coordi


Applications for conditional membership may be available in Fall 2017.  Please check back mid-late September for more information.  If we are accepting members, there will be a timeline for applying as well as an application to fill out and mail to our Membership Coordinator.


Please READ THE REQUIREMENTS BELOW.  If you have any questions, contact our Membership Coordinator, Nicola Gosselin at


  1. Conditional members must apply during the opening dates.  Random draw will be done if too may applications are received.  A $60 application fee must be included.  Once the application is accepted, the conditional member will receive a list of volunteer opportunities and be invited to join the Yahoo list where they can access the club policies.

  2. Conditional members must attend two separate sessions of classes, regardless of how many weeks are offered per session, and must attend a majority of the classes during the session.  Cost for each class will be at the member rate.  Teaching a session will count as attendance and teaching more than once will earn volunteer points.  Conditional members are not eligible for first-in passes.

  3. Conditional members must attend four membership meetings to fulfill requirements and must sign the conditional member sheet at each meeting to receive credit for the meeting.  After attendance at three meetings, the conditional member will be sent an application for membership.  All conditional members who have finished their requirements will be voted on at the November meeting, which can count as the fourth meeting.  Though attendance at the November meeting is strongly encouraged, conditional members who have already attended four meetings may ask the Board to be excused while still being voted on.  The conditional member must apply for the excused absence prior to the October board meeting.

  4. Conditional members must earn five volunteer points the first year, regardless of whether it is a family or individual membership.

  5. The time period for fulfilling requirements (other than the fourth meeting) is January through October.  All applications for membership must be received prior to the October board meeting.  The Board will consider exceptions if submitted in writing before the October board meeting.  To be considered, the applicant must be able to finish the requirements by the January membership meeting or a reasonable time specified by the Board.