Welcome to the Albany Obedience Club Library site.


We are happy to make available to all AOC members our library materials.  All books, videos, and magazines are held in the Albany Obedience Club building Meeting Room in the library cabinet.  Thanks to the efforts and commitment of the AOC Library Committee we hope you will find a comprehensive collection of dog training and related subjects.   Categories include:  Obedience Training, Agility Training, General Training and Puppy training. 

Please browse our complete list on this site of all our current library materials available to members.  Also, a complete, laminated, hard-copy list of all of our books, DVD’s and magazines can be found attached to the cabinet itself.  This will help you to see what we have in our collection and what you might find interesting and helpful.  Within the list there is also a link to most of the materials for on-line information.

The Library cabinet is locked at all times as our collection of materials is costly.   AOC members can ask any library committee member or designated library representative for help in borrowing a book, DVD or magazine.  These are the only people that can open the cabinet.  If no designated library person is available (at class, membership meeting, events, etc.), just drop us an e-mail and we will arrange to meet you or help in some other way so that you can borrow materials.


Please read the AOC Library Policy, also included in this site.  More information on how our library system works is explained in the policy. 

We are happy and excited to have this library available to our members.   It will be an on-going process to keep our library updated with the latest and best informative materials we can find.  We would like your suggestions to make this library successful.

Sincerely,  AOC Library Committee

Jean Guyon, Chair

Members: Nancy Reich, Tom Meyers, Maura McPeak, Myra Nathan, Cathy Reardon, Jean Guyon



  • Library materials may be borrowed by AOC members ONLY.

  • If a “conditional” member requests an item it must be signed out under a member’s name and that member will be responsible for the return of said item(s).

  • Members must contact a library committee member and/or a designated member to sign out and borrow materials.

  • A maximum of three (3) items, regardless of type, may be on loan to a member at one time.

  • Loan period time is four (4) weeks, at which time the material should be returned.

  • Return of items - There is a small, brown cabinet in the AOC meeting room as a drop off box.  It is available for the convenience of members as a way to return borrowed items.  This box is checked periodically by a library committee member for items to be returned to the library cabinet.

  • Items may be renewed (signed out again) providing the item is not wait-listed and can be accomplished with the help of a library committee member or designated member.

  • If an item is on a wait list…..borrowing time will be for two (2) weeks only. 

  • Members wishing to be placed on a wait list for an item must contact a library committee member to do so.

  • Members must not lend or swap borrowed materials to others, including other club members.  If an item is out under your name, you will be responsible for it.

  • If a member does not return an item after several attempts of the library committee to request its return, the cost to replace that item will be ascertained and the member will be sent a bill for that amount.  If the bill is not paid within a reasonable time period, the matter will be referred to the AOC Board. 

  • Members wishing to request specific items to be considered for purchase for the AOC library must contact a library committee member and review for the library committee.

  • Members may view a complete listing of AOC library inventory on the club web site.