It is fine to use your coupons for class fees.  Coupons have no explicit dollar value.   For the purposes of classes, One coupon = $6 = one hour of training time.   Thus, a coupon may be used for one hour of a class OR one hour of training on your own (or with friends) at AOC.

Fee to audit a class is $20

**Registration Reminders:**

  • Please use most recent registration forms with emergency contact information included

  • Please do not staple or tape your checks to the registration forms

  • First-In Passes and Instructor forms need to be received with the first opening postmark in order for the priority enrollment to be honored.  Once the general membership postmark has occurred, first in passes will be returned and you will be randomized with everyone else.

  • Please use one form per dog per class.  There is a space for your backup option only.  Crossing this out and including a second class, makes it very confusing when I am processing all of these.  The last thing I want to do is miss something and cause you not to get into a class.

  • Please put your names on your coupons before sending them.

  • If you are sending multiple registrations and one First-In pass, feel free to mail them all together.  I will separate out the pass but please indicate which class you would like it to apply to.

Thank you!!

*Forms mailed before the opening postmark date will be returned



For questions regarding classes please contact the Training Coordinator, Vanessa Manzi at

For registration information, contact the Registrar, Kelly Conn at

**Non-Member Registration Procedure -- PLEASE READ**


If you are interested in taking a class at Albany Obedience Club and you are not a member, you may still be eligible to enroll in a class.  The next set of classes will start March 8, 2020 (unless otherwise noted on the schedule).  To see the list of classes that are offered this session, click the link at the top of this page.  Classes offered vary each session.


Classes are open to members first; therefore, many classes are filled before non-member registration opens.  Classes that are full will be noted on the schedule prior to the non-member postmark date.


Fill out the Registration Form for Non-Members who have never taken a class at AOC, enclose a check made payable to "Albany Obedience Club" for $100 and mail it to the address on the form.  **The link to the completed class lists will be posted on this page at least one week before classes start.  Please check this to see if you made it into the class of your choice.  You will only be contacted if there is a problem.**


Remember that the criteria for all classes is that the dog must be non-aggressive toward other dogs and handlers in a group setting.

Training Coordinator -- Vanessa Manzi,